Meet our members: Next2Five

Published: 25. March 2019

Next2Five develops products and services for future competence needs. We caught up with Anneli Skudal, founder and CEO, to talk about how they are helping to solve important socio-economic challenges and about their global ambitions.


Can you describe briefly what Next2Five do?
Our slogan: Next2Five develops products and services for future competence needs.
Next2Five is a centre for scenario development, competence descriptions of future professions and labour market sectors and life-long career planning. We develop and offer products and services by focusing on the qualifications and skills that will be needed in the future. In doing so, we help people make appropriate educational choices and promote life-long learning, while identifying qualifications which will be needed by companies and organisations in the future.

How does your product work? or What type of services do you offer?
We have divided our products and services into four main categories:

FuturesTalk & CodeCrowd– a digital teaching programme, aimed at both students and businesses. It’s all about future readiness – training on becoming future ready and measuring individual and collective future readiness. We base our weekly FuturesTalk on CodeCrowd-statements. Read more about FuturesTalk here. So far we offer FuturesTalk in Norwegian and Swedish.
Competence grid – Based on the three topics, personal qualifications, professional qualifications and future focus, we provide companies and organizations with a tool and a process for categorizing and structuring competence, both on an individual level and aggregated.
Scenario development– Together with CIFS (Copenhagen Institutes for Futures Studies) we offer scenario development. Our scenario development is a supplement to a companies’ strategic planning process and provides operational opportunities.
Create, share, engage! – A tool and a methodology for participation and feedback. Together with LearnLab we have created digital teaching programmes for primary and secondary schools. Clara Clairvoyant is Next2Five’s futurist and avatar. She guides teachers and students through a number of future-oriented exercises and is the recurring figure that ensure the best possible benefit for the LearnLab users.

What do you want to change?
Our products and services will help solve important socio-economic challenges, such as tackling unemployment by preventing youngsters from making the wrong educational choices leading to their dropping out of school and working life.

Why did you choose edtech?
Edtech is the most important and relevant meeting place for our company and our products. Edtech provides opportunities for cooperation, development and  growth.

What do you see are the biggest challenges in this market?
Our biggest challenge is to get a foothold in the public sector, such as schools and institutions. There is a great potential for our products in this market.

What is your next big steps or ambitions?
Internationalisation – Sweden & Denmark first.

In what way has being a member of Oslo Edtech Cluster made a difference for you?
We are a new member and have not participated actively in the cluster yet, but we have great expectations.

How many employees do you have?
We are 6 dedicated employees

Which stage do you say your company is at? Growth? Well established?