Welcome to Oslo Edtech Cluster - a business network established to support development, commercialisation and export of Norwegian educational technologies. Norwegian edtech is growing fast and is enjoying a good reputation internationally. In just a few years the industry counts for more than 60 Norwegian companies with edtech at its core, with well over 100 million users worldwide. Through joining forces and pulling together we will help making Norwegian edtech among the best and most competitive in the world. Oslo Edtech Cluster is now an integrated part of IKT-Norge. Please visit <a href="https://www.ikt-norge.no/english/">www.ikt-norge.no</a> for more information.

The members of Oslo Edtech Cluster are joining forces to develop activities that helps strengthening the collaboration, network and position in all things related to educational technology from Oslo and Norway. The members are challenged to think partnerships, synergies and finding a common ground when targeting new markets and stakeholders.

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