STEPIFI sørger for at skolen raskere og enklere kan booke vikarer. Tjenesten kobler lærer og vikar sammen, samtidig som skolen får et administrasjonspanel som gir full oversikt over bruken av vikarer. Slik sørger STEPIFI for at man jobber mer effektivt og reduserer vikarbruken.


Can you describe briefly what STEPIFI do?
Schools and kindergartens spend too much time and money resolving staff management. STEPIFI simplifies this process and enables internal resources to be prioritised before external resources. If necessary, you can create digital supply pools, bypassing supply agencies.

STEPIFI resolves the staff management in 3 layers, always starting on the top:
1.Internal – Resolve staffing with other full-time teachers/assistants (internal). This ensures quality.
2.External – Request supply teachers with direct relations to the school. This ensures efficiency.
3.Pools – Connect to the local authority supply “pool”. This ensures coverage.

STEPIFI is not a temp agency – it’s “just” a tool.

How does your product work?
As described above. We offer a fully scalable software as a service. Web-app, iOS and Android.

What do you want to change?
We want to help schools and kindergartens save money, so they can focus on what’s really important – educating our children!

Why did you choose edtech?
To be a part of the community and to be updated on the latest news within the vertical.

What do you see are the biggest challenges in this market?
Working with municipalities and generally long lead times.

What is your next big steps or ambitions?
1. Winning the school and kindergarten vertical
2. Scaling out to new verticals

In what way has being a member of Oslo Edtech Cluster made a difference for you?
It has given us valuable information in the vertical.

How many employees do you have?

Which stage do you say your company is at? Growth? Well established?