Create and share in deeper way! September 25th 2017 we launch a new digital tool that engage learners towards deeper thinking by sharing and co-creating knowledge. With this interactive tool and content learners can explore how to make learning more democratic, flip the classroom and build global curiosity and awareness.


LearnLab is a Norwegian company with employees in Oslo and Copenhagen that develop content and technology for schools in deep collaboration with students, teachers, leaders,and researchers. The main aim is to reinforce different kinds of learning through (1) developing technology and content that facilitate deep learning, life mastery, and well-being, and (2) establish physical and virtual professional learning communities (PLCs) that strengthens students, the teaching profession, and student-centred leadership.

If building a strong foundation for living a rich and meaningful life in the societies of the future is an important goal for the schools of today, we believe this is accomplished best by letting students today participate in digital and analogue learning communities and cross-curricular projects characterized by equity, diversity, growth mindset, collaboration, technology, curiosity, openness, physical activity, questions, communication, democracy, academic knowledge, basic skills, intrinsic motivation, problem-solving, creative and critical thinking.

Our technology platform, LearnLab, is launched December 12th 2017, and will among other things be used by teachers and leaders in the learning community Deep Learning Society.