At Junglemap, we believe in learning as a process. This is why we invented the NanoLearning method, platform and portfolio – to create solid learning processes for lasting organizational results.


E-Learning Reinvented.

Junglemap invented bite-sized learning in 2006. We saw that the traditional e-learning course was a bit like serving all employees a kilogram of vitamins once a year to be done with it. An information overdose, followed by a rapid forgetting curve, if users at all found time in their calendars.

How does your product work?

NanoLearning is a learning process based on a series of 2-5 minute modules delivered by e-mail over a number of days, weeks, months or years, depending on the topic.

Result: Much higher participation, a lasting effect, and significantly more motivated and satisfied users. Oh, and it´s more affordable too.