Meet our members : Gyldendal Undervisning

Published: 16. September 2018

Gyldendal Undervisning provides teachers and students with solutions and products that aim to enhance students’ motivation and learning outcomes. We caught up with Hanna-Marie Ringdal, digital pedagogue, to hear more about how they enable students through “21st century skills” and “deeper learning”; how they are adapting to the digital shift in the educational market and challenges for educators.


Can you describe briefly what Gyldendal Undervisning does?
As the leading educational publisher in Norway, Gyldendal Undervisning provides teachers and students with solutions and products that aim to enhance students’ motivation and learning outcomes. Our products are developed by our in-house innovative environment, in close collaboration with teachers in the field. We are in the forefront in our use of the newest technology available, to provide students and teachers with better learning experiences. Our mission is to contribute to child and youth development, and to ensure that we are preparing them well for the future.

What type of services do you offer?
We offer a broad range of educational materials and solutions, both analog and digital, to students from kindergarden through high school. A key product is our Smart Øving-series, which offers unique adaptive learning experiences to keep each student motivated and challenged at their own level and pace. This product also provides the teacher with insight which helps them to manage and plan further instruction.
Salaby is our digital learning universe for primary school and kindergarden. Salaby includes subject-based learning resources, learning games, and interactive tools for whole classes as well as smaller groups. We also offer tools for interactive smartboards, and several online and e-book solutions.

What do you want to change?
The digitalization of our society is a challenge for everyone working within education. We aim to help educators provide students with the necessary skills for today, and for the future. “21st century skills” and “deeper learning” are key-words when we develop and evaluate our products.

Why did you choose edtech?
The seemingly endless possibilities for educators and students to engage in personalized and motivating learning experiences. It is important for us to keep up with the digital shift in the educational market, and to continue our contribution for better learning.

What do you see as the biggest challenges in this market?
Educators are facing new challenges in this era of digitalization. To succeed with the digital shift, competency-building for educators to really get a deep understanding on how technology can be used for pedagogical outcomes is crucial. To not adapt technology to traditional instruction, but being able to change practice and take advantage of digital solutions to enhance students learning outcomes.

What are your next big steps or ambitions?
These days, we are working on a comprehensive and fully digital solution called Skolestudio, which brings all our learning resources together into one universe. The idea is to make planning more efficient for teachers by offering a system that makes tailoring their instruction easier. Pre-made teaching sequences will be available for the teachers to use as a whole, or mix and match according to their individual needs. Skolestudio will also include tools to increase students’ engagement, participation and collaboration. It will be launched for open testing fall 2019.

In what way has being a member of Oslo Edtech Cluster made a difference for you?
Networking with colleagues in the same line of work is always valuable. It also allows us to keep up with developments in the edtech field.

How many employees do you have?

Which stage do you say your company is at? Growth? Well established?
Well established, but still growing!