Meet our Members: Clarify

Publisert: 12. juni 2018

Clarify provides high quality digital dictionaries in more than 30 languages, all in one app. We caught up with Knut Haga, CEO, to talk about the company, the language learning tool, their global ambitions in new markets, and challenges.


Can you describe briefly what Clarify do?
Clarify provides high quality digital dictionaries in more than 30 languages, all in one app, at an affordable price.

How does your product work?
Clarify users look up word definitions and terminology directly from websites and Word/PDF/PPT and more documents in more than 700 hundred dictionaries in one app.
We offer the language tool software as a service, providing access to several resources (text to speech/illustrations ++) focusing on language learning in educational sector. We provide language “playlists” for each market segment.

Why did you choose edtech?
For a dictionary service provider the sector is truly global – our technology works world-wide and working with global, regional and local publishers we can meet the needs from this sector. The educational sector is required to use, and is thus willing to pay for, high quality services. We provide a service that meets the global educational sector’s need for language learning tools. The combination of smart user-friendly technology in combination with high quality content is the best way to meet the long-term requirements from the edtech sector.

What do you see are the biggest challenges in this market?
To grow the income fast enough to put investments in technology and market activities. Slow adoption due to slow decision-making processes, limited public budgets and relatively low transaction value.

What is your next big steps or ambitions?
Our ambition is to enter and become a preferred supplier in a new market with more than 10 million educational users. Could be UK, Chinese or Asian market. We need to increase investments in order to prepare and improve the service for internationalisation.

In what way has being a member of Oslo Edtech Cluster made a difference for you?
Oslo Edtech Cluster has created a professional and social environment related to the edtech sector. Meetings with public R&D and financing resources. Meetings with large accounts and politicians at senior level. Study trips and fairs in Norway and abroad. The cluster has contributed to putting edtech on the politicians’, school owners’ and educator’s current and future agenda.