Meet our members: LangO

Publisert: 30. mai 2018

LangO offers Business English training to companies and their teams online. Nils Helset, Co-Founder, spoke to us about his company, ambitions, and how they work to change the corporate language training landscape.


Can you describe briefly what LangO do?
LangO offers Business English training to companies and their teams online.

How does your product work? or What type of services do you offer?
Blended learning; combination of live virtual lessons (Group and One to One’s) and on-demand micro-learning content. We’ve developed an algorithm which matches teachers and content to learners based on their individual learning needs.

What do you want to change?
Corporate language training landscape.

Why did you choose edtech?
Co-Mastermind Katie started doing English language training offline to families and companies back in 2013 and we both fell into it after that started growing.

What do you see are the biggest challenges in this market?
Changing current language training structures in bigger companies. The biggest challenge being migrating offline training to online.

What is your next big steps or ambitions?
To close 15 contracts in 2018 with corporate clients and becoming the leading provider of B2B Business English online provider in Norway.

In what way has being a member of Oslo Edtech Cluster made a difference for you?
It´s put us in touch with a network with a lot of knowledge and experience.

How many employees do you have?
24 – globally.

Which stage do you say your company is at? Growth? Well established?