EdTech Foundry: We’ve just seen the beginning of the edtech revolution

Publisert: 3. september 2015

EdTech Foundry are ambitious on behalf of Norwegian edtech. They have shared some thoughts on their take on the industry with Oslo Edtech Cluster.


by Ingrid Somdal-Åmodt Vinje

What led you to create EdTech Foundry? What was your inspiration?
The EdTech Foundry team all have background from edtech. We’re one entrepreneurship lecturer, one serial entrepreneur, two developers who have created their own learning platform, and one interaction designer who previously created a learning platform for youth in Uganda. After some years in the business, we all understood setting up the best team possible was the only way to create real impact in the edtech industry. That’s why we decided to join forces. To make a difference.

What do you find exciting about working in Education Technology?
The best way to impact the world is to help others improve their own life. Edtech does that. That’s exciting!

What is the biggest challenge for companies in the education technology space?
We truly believe in openness and collaboration. But on the flip side, that might also be our biggest challenge. For many providers, embracing the openness needed seems like a threat. Many of us compete for the same money, but being able to cooperate and focus on making a common impact in learning is a challenge. Luckily, it’s possible to solve.

What is the best way to involve educators in the process of developing new tools?
Co-locate and work with the educators instead of creating tools for them. The best tools are created in collaboration. Our new learning platform is created in a unique collaboration with multiple educational institutions like BI Norwegian Business School among others. We are located at their campus, have lunch with the people over at BI every day and discuss edtech all day long.
The phrase win-win is mostly a cliche, but in this case it really fits. We get better software with higher student engagement for all universities, colleges and students. The universities have a strong influence on the software they will be implementing.

What are some of your favorite companies or startups in edtech?
We love how our Norwegian friends over at Kahoot! creates student engagement.

Can you share one prediction for the next year for the edtech industry?

We’ve just seen the beginning of the edtech revolution. There will be big turnarounds and great new companies will be formed pretty soon.